5 Tips on Financial Aid

You got into college! Congratulations! Now comes the hardest part of college, forking over a bunch of money for it. Colleges and universities are great, both for knowledge and experience, but they can be expensive and more often than not...

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Scholarship Winner: Madison Clay

We are pleased to announce our scholarship winner Madison Clay from Richmond, IN! Madison is a sophomore at Northeastern High School. In addition to being an all-star athlete, Madison is involved in the National Honor Society, is the...


How To Improve Your Chances of Getting An Athletic Scholarship

Every year thousands of high school athletes compete for athletic scholarships at colleges across the country. Competition is fierce  and dedicated athletes are working hard every single day to showcase their athletic prowess and...

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how to avoid common mistakes with fafsa

Welcome to 2015. If you’re in your senior year, you might have stayed up until midnight on New Year’s Eve, but not to watch the ball drop in New York City. At 12:01 a.m. on January 1, you were able to submit a FAFSA, the Free...


15 Most Affordable Top Private Colleges

Provided by our partner NCSA Every year, time.com breaks down the top colleges in the US.  With various categories – public, private, liberal arts, etc. – it’s a great resource for learning about all kinds of schools, especially those...

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An Athlete's Guide To Lowering The Cost of College

You’ve got the perfect college picked out. You like the team and the coach, it has strong academics, and campus life is just what you were looking for. Best of all, you got in and there’s a roster spot waiting for you. Just one...


3 Critical Financial Aid Tips

One of the biggest concerns for student-athletes dealing with the college application process is incurring the high costs of secondary education. The financial aid process can very confusing for both students and parents alike. The...

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7 Totally Bogus Scholarship Myths from Zinch

The world of scholarships can be confusing, complexing, and downright mysterious. Just how are winners chosen? What awards are worth the time? Which are scams? Well get ready to forget everything you’ve heard about scholarships,...


5 Common Cliches That Will Help You Win a Scholarship

How many times have you heard somebody say this to you? “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Or, “When you fall off the horse, you have to get back up.” We’ve all had eye-roll inducing sayings thrown at us before, but...


Understanding the Real Cost of College

When eval­u­at­ing col­lege costs, the first num­bers peo­ple usu­ally turn to are tuition, room, and board. While the tuition fig­ures listed in most finan­cial aid guides are fairly accu­rate, the aver­age room and board fig­ures can...