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2013 Graduates Your Time to Shine is NOW!

Earlier this week the sports world was focused as football players across the country made the news while signing National Letters of Intent and committing to colleges. At BeRecruited we've started to hear from athletes in a variety of sports, not just football who are making their final decision. Here's some recent feedback from successfully committed athletes on how they have used BeRecruited to find their college.

  • "BeRecruited really gets your name out there so college coaches can find you and recruit you. This website helped me reach out to at least 75% of the coaches I talked to. The website really does help and gets you noticed."  --Joe Gordon, golfer committed to Johnson & Wales University, Colorado

  • "The Letter Generator is the best. It lets college coaches know you are interested in their school and sports program. Also, it's great when you upload video for the coaches to view you in action."  --Mariesa Mazzone, field hockey player committed to Mount Holyoke College

  • "The BeRecruited College Tracker and the ability to see what coaches have viewed your profile were some of my favorite features."  --Taylor Anderson, football player and track & field athlete committed to Alma College

If you are a 2013 graduate and have not yet made your decision there is still time to find your right fit! Hopefully at this point in your search you have narrowed your list of interested colleges and have spoken with the coaches at those respective schools. For many sports the signing day is later this spring, so you still have time to make your dreams of pursuing sports in college come true. Here's a few items for you to review, so you can shine and be seen.

  • Make sure you are not overlooked and take a moment to review your BeRecruited profile. Is everything up to date? Don't forget to update your GPA or ACT/SAT score.

  • Schedule a college visit. Take time to interact with current members of the team you are interested in joining. Do you see yourself practicing and interacting with them in a few months?

  • Speak with professors/academic advisors at the college you are wanting to attend. Learn how you will need to balance your responsibilities as a student-athlete.

  • Don't forget there are other scholarships available to students besides athletic scholarships. Take time to see what additional funds you qualify for and apply for those scholarships you don't have to pay back.

  • Follow up with the coaches you have previously spoken with regarding a scholarship. Remember coaches are looking for a complete student-athlete. Character counts! Here's an article featuring feedback from the nation's top coaches.

  • Are you maintaining any social media profiles? If so, the information is most likely public and reviewable by coaches. This is one more way you are being evaluated, so it is highly recommended you keep posts/tweets professional.

Congratulations to the athletes who have made their final decision! Our team wishes you the best as you begin the next journey of your athletic career. For the athletes currently involved with the recruiting search best of luck and don't give up as you continue to connect with coaches.

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